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LEGAL SERVICES – $1,000.00 payment

LEGAL SERVICES – $1,500.00 payment

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We make every effort to keep our fees as low as possible, and focus on using the time expended in the most efficient way.

Attorney fees are classified into legal counseling fees, legal document preparation fees, regular retainer fees, daily allowances, initial retainer fees, and hourly rate fees. The following is an outline of these fees.

Retainer fee

A retainer fee is an amount charged by the attorney to begin representation.

Normally, a retainer fee is a dollar amount that the attorney and the client agree on before the attorney begins work. Many attorneys and clients favor a flat fee retainer, billed against an hourly rate because it is a simple transaction and because the fee is paid up front. The attorney identifies an amount of work that the case will require and calculates a reasonable fee based on the time and effort involved. If the attorney spends less time on the case than anticipated, he may return the excess fee amount,  unless he and client agree otherwise.

Hourly Rates

An hourly rate is a predetermined amount chargeable for the attorney’s work. The attorney and client may agree that these fees be paid periodically or in one lump sum at the end of the case. The time that an attorney charges for legal work is called billable time, or billable hours. Hourly rates vary according to the attorney’s
expertise and experience. Prospective clients should request an estimate of the
number of billable hours that the attorney anticipates will be necessary for the case.

The retainer fee paid via the internet can be paid by echeck, Paypal or credit card. All of these require the use of a third party payment service, in this case, If you are not already a PayPal member you must register and provide information for them to ensure that you are the person paying the fee and it is from verifiable funds.

You are not charged an additional fee for using With a payment by Paypal, electronic check or credit card, lawyer and client both agree that these funds are a prepayment for immediate compensation for the lawyer’s commitment to perform future services, e.g., a flat-fee agreement, the funds are the property of the lawyer.  If you do not wish to make an online payment, then you are welcome to mail us a check payable to:

 Law Office of Carey Caruso
425 South Beverly Drive,  Beverly Hills, CA 90212.

Only submit an online payment after Attorney and Client have entered into an agreement concerning legal fees and payments required.  Unilaterally submitting fees without a prior agreement may not constitute an attorney-client relationship.

We look forward to being of service.